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The International Information Network on New and Emerging Health Technologies (EuroScan International Network) is a collaborative network of agencies for the sharing of information and development of methods for the early identification and assessment of key new and emerging health-related technologies

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Date Added: 11/01/2016

Early assessment and prediction of potential impact of the implantation of polyurethane scaffold in partial meniscal lesions: A pilot horizon scanning activity in South Korea

The department of Horizon Scanning for Innovative Global Health Technology at the National Evidence-Based Healthcare Collaborating Agency (NECA) in South Korea, have published the results from their pilot horizon scanning assessment of the implantation of a polyurethane scaffold for the treatment of partial meniscal lesions.

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Date Added: 07/12/2015

Artificial Pancreas Device systems for closed-loop control of type 1 diabetes: what systems are in development?

Earlier in 2015, the NIHR Horizon Scanning Research & Intelligence Centre (HSRIC) conducted a horizon scanning review of closed-loop artificial pancreas device (APD) technologies to identify new systems in development. APD systems are externally worn medical devices that enable people with type 1 diabetes to regulate their blood glucose levels in a...

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