About EuroScan

The international information network on new, emerging and obsolete Health Technologies (EuroScan International Network e.V.) is a scientific association of member organizations and individuals for the exchange of information on important emerging new drugs, devices, procedures, programs, and settings in health care.

The EuroScan International Network was established as collaborative network of member agencies in 1997 following an international workshop held in Copenhagen. After the workshop a working group was established with representatives from Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, with associated representatives from Canada and Switzerland to collaborate on the exchange of information on the safety and efficacy of the new technologies. This working group became the EuroScan International Network.

In 2017 members of the EuroScan International Network founded the legal scientific association of EuroScan International Network e.V. in Cologne, Germany. The association should open the world of the collaborative network for academic institutions and should include doers and users of the information needed during the awareness of technologies within the life-cycle of a technology. By this the provided knowledge should support the areas of assessment and decision making on local, regional, national and international levels.

The former network and the association exists in parallel while the professional services and secretariat functions are offered via the association in common.

More information on EuroScan’s history can be found on history of EuroScan


The EuroScan International Network e.V. is the leading global collaborative network that collects and shares information on innovative, real world use and obsolete technologies in healthcare to support decision-making and the adoption and use of effective, useful and safe health-related technologies. We are also the principal global forum for the sharing and development of methods for the early identification and assessment of new, emerging and obsolete health-related technologies, and predicting their potential impact on health services and existing technologies.

The EuroScan International Network is committed to work with a high level of transparency and professionalism, and in partnership with researchers, research centers, governments and international organizations to produce high quality information and effective early awareness and alert systems for our respective constituencies. We are also committed to support the development of existing and new not-for-profit public agencies working in the early awareness and alert field.


The EuroScan International Networks e.V. will form the leading global networks for public institutions / individuals and academic institutions / individuals working on the identification and early assessment of new and emerging technologies in healthcare to support decision-making and the adoption and use of innovative technologies to the benefit of patients and health services.

The network is collaborative. By this the vision is to increase common works, projects and information exchange. On equal membership, unbiased information exchange is promoted during the whole life-cycle of technologies for health care services and by and for all health care professionals.

In addition, the common information sharing platform will be hosted within the network.


To establish a system to share skills and experience in early awareness and alert activities on new and emerging and obsolete technologies.

Goal 1: To establish a system to share skills and experiences in Early Awareness and Alert (EAA) activities.

Goal 2: To strengthen activities for the development of methodological approaches to the identification, description and assessment of emerging technologies. 

Goal 3: To improve the exchange of information about new and emerging health technologies and their potential impact on health services and existing health technologies.

Goal 4: To increase the impact of EuroScan International Network’s output.

Goal 5: To identify relevant not-for-profit public partners to share the results of work with partners/members of the EuroScan International Network collaboration.

Goal 6: To advise not-for-profit organizations within public administrations who wish to consider the establishment of early awareness and alert activities.


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