Structure and by-laws

The EuroScan International Networks comprises Members, an Executive Committee / Board and a Secretariat.

The club is actually handled according to the bylaws until the adaptation according to the new scientific association are decided. The actual decision has been that up till then the board of the association will also take care of all activities of the club and the secretariat of the association will overtake all duties of the club's secretariat.

The Board is made up of representatives from members of the association.There is an elected President, Vice-president, Scientific Director, Registrar and Secretary General. Although Board members are employed by or represent a member agency, they are nominated for the Board based on their personal experience. The current Board is:

Executive Committee / Board

Current Post Holder End of term
President Dr Roberta Joppi
Vice President Dr Iñaki Gutiérrez Ibarluzea
Scientific Director
Antonio Migliore
Registrar Prof. Dr. Brendon Kearney 23/03/20
Secretary General
Dr. Hans-Peter Dauben











The association is registered as a non-commercial, non-for-profit organisation in Germany.
The secretariat is located in Cologne, Germany.

The Secretariat is currently based at the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI), Germany, a federal institute within the scope of the federal ministry of health, Germany.

Statutes of the scientific association

The statutes had been proved on the 23rd of March 2017 and are actual available only a German. The official translation will be availbale soon.


By-laws of the club

The EuroScan International Network holds regular meetings and has by-laws outlining the groups’ mission statement; structure; membership; general membership and meetings; executive committee and secretariat.