Structure and by-laws

The EuroScan International Network comprises Members, an Executive Committee and a Secretariat. The Executive Committee is made up of representatives from member agencies that, on a permanent basis, undertake substantial early awareness and alert activity. There is an elected Chair, Vice Chair, Registrar and Treasurer. Although Executive Committee members are employed by or represent a member agency, they are nominated for the Executive Committee based on their personal experience. The current Executive Committee is:

Executive Committee

Current Post Holder End of term
Chair Dr Roberta Joppi, IHSP 31/12/18
Vice Chair Dr Iñaki Gutiérrez Ibarluzea, Osteba 31/12/17
Registrar Dr Sungkyu Lee, NECA H-SIGHT 31/12/18
Treasurer Antonio Migliore, Agenas  31/12/18
Head of Secretariat Dr. Hans-Peter Dauben, DIMDI













The Secretariat is currently based at the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI), Germany, a federal institute within the scope of the federal ministry of health, Germany.


The EuroScan International Network holds regular meetings and has by-laws outlining the groups’ mission statement; structure; membership; general membership and meetings; executive committee and secretariat.