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The official content below is in German due to EuroScan International Network e.V. being officially registered as an organisation in Germany.

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EuroScan international network e.V.

Schaevenstr 1a-b
50676 Köln

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EuroScan international network e.V.
Schaevenstr. 1a-b
50676 Köln

Geschäftführender Vorstand

Dr. Roberta Joppi

stv. Präsident:
Dr. Iñaki Gutierrez Ibarluzea

Dr. Hans-Peter Dauben

Amtsgericht Köln VR 19436

Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gemäß § 10 Absatz 3 MDStV:
Dr. Roberta Joppi (Anschrift wie oben)

About EuroScan

The International Information Network on new or emerging, appropriate use and re-assessment needed Health Technologies (EuroScan International Network e.V.) is a non-for-profit collaborative, member-driven network and scientific association of public agencies, scientific organizations and individuals for sharing and collecting information and development of methods for the early identification, appropriate use and awareness of health technologies (medical devices, pharmaceuticals) and procedures in medical, nursing and public health interventions.

The scientific association is registered in Germany but acting globally and based on the EuroScan network which since 1999 was hosted by the University of Birmingham, UK.

Mission  Vision  Values Goals

The international information network on Health Technologies (EuroScan International Network e.V.) is a scientific association of member organizations and individuals for the exchange of information on important emerging new drugs, devices, procedures, programs, and settings in health care. As an association it is a non-for-profit legal entity.

The EuroScan International Network was established as collaborative network of public agencies in 1997 following an international workshop held in Copenhagen. After the workshop a working group was established with representatives from Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, with associated representatives from Canada and Switzerland to collaborate on the exchange of information on the safety and efficacy of the new technologies. This working group became the EuroScan International Network in 1999.

In 2017 members of the EuroScan International Network founded the legal scientific association of EuroScan International Network e.V. in Cologne, Germany. The association should open the world of the collaborative network for scientific academic institutions and scientists and should include doers and users of the information needed during the awareness of technologies within their life-cycle. The provided knowledge should support the areas of assessment and decision making at local, regional, national and international levels.

In 2017 the former network members decided to merge into the new association.

In 2018 a strategic plan of the network up to 2020 has been discussed and developed as a draft to be approved by the members.

Specific tools developed by EuroScan member agencies to support early awareness and alert activities can be used and/or adapted by other members and external agencies.

As a scientific association, EuroScan International Network is open for personal and/or organisational membership from scientists, clinical care and health administration. Even if members from industry can't get membership, we are looking forward to have a dialogue with industrial organizations to improve knowledge on technologies and systems.

The variety of members reflect the increasing importance of activities around early awareness, appropriate care and need for re-assessment of technologies. 

For health administration, we particularly support the link between scientific areas and a working environment which is trusted and confidential, to share knowledge and experiences.

The association also has different kinds of memberships available:
- supporting members,
- co-operative members or
- honorary members.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please look here for the criteria and proceed to get your membership. Also be aware of the different kind of membership benefit packages.

If you are a member and want to connect to other members, have a look here for the list of members (for members only).

Each EuroScan member is unique in the way it approaches its work but all have a common goal of informing their customers/tasks about specific health technologies that may have a significant impact on their health system and raise awareness because of their innovative added value, appropriate use or potential need of re-assessment.
The main elements of any EAA activity are:

  • the identification of new and emerging technologies (horizon scanning)
  • the filtration and prioritisation of the identified technologies
  • the assessment of the technologies or group of technologies
  • the dissemination of information to users and
  • the incorporation of information in policy and decision making

The EuroScan International Network has worked to understand and develop the methods used within EAA agencies and we have resources available on our website to explain these methods in more detail: