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EuroScan Scientific Autumn Meeting 2018 - Seville, Spain


The autumn meeting took place in Sevilla. Thanks to our member, AETSA, we had a very well organized meeting and would like to tank the people of AETSA for a well organized and very warm welcome to all the participants of our network. Around 50% of the organizational members took part in the development and methodological discussions. In addition during a board meeting further decisions regarding the future development has been decided.

The revision of the strategy of the association hads been decided and will be, after some publication review, be availbale to all members for further discussion.

The new logo was announced to underline the global perspective of the association as well as respecting the fundamental developments and support of the EU during the last 20 years.

Citing a board member the development to the "new EuroScan" has reached a next level where we can offer now more and more services to member based on the structure of the society.

For a members further information on the meeting, the background papers and the organizational development will be available in the member only area.

Meeting place: Fundación Pública Andaluza Progreso y Salud, Avd. Américo Vespucio nº 15 Edificio S-2 C.P. , 41092 SEVILLA


Scientific Spring Meeting 2019


EuroScan Scientific Spring Meeting 2019 - Rome, Italy.

The spring meeting will take place in Rome. Thanks to our partner, the universidad catholica, we will have a meeting in the university and would like to tank the people of university for ahelping to organize and welcome our network.

The topics of the meeting are related to the increasing list of internal services on scientific tools, methodological developments and actions with our co-operative partners. By this these tools and services are combined with our working areas drugs, devices and procedures in health care services and public health.

We will also introduce our new secretary to the members and the network.

The meeting will be held on the 4th and 5th of April in the university.