WIthin our network we do have two different kind of meetings. As a wish by members of the network, the half year meetings are dedicated mainly to scientific issues, development and knowledge sharing. Internal news from the network are reduced to a minimum.

By this the decisions regarding the network are done within the yearly membership meetings. To offer the highest chance that people from all over the world can participate, the members decided to connect the membership assembly with the HTAi conference. As we do have a memorandum of understanding with HTAi we do have the chance for meeting facilities along the conference.

List of meetings

 Membership assemblies


 Scientific meetings

 Cologne 2017 (founding assembly)    
 Rome 2017    Bilbao - autumn 2017
 Vancouver 2018    Brussels - spring 2018
     Sevilla - autumn 2018
 Cologne 2019    Rome - spring 2019
     Paris - autumn 2019
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