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Within this EU funded project we are aiming to support a busines environment in which Early Awareness is part of the normal development procedures of a technology.

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EU Pearl

in EU Pearl, funded as an IMI project within the EU,  we are checking how to develop new methods for future scientific research. 



Our Projects

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Collecting pieces of evidence within all scientific areas

We are improving the access to evidence, the development of evidence and the support of the development of scenarios of the future

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Priority settings

By bringing the group of excellence together, we are trying to stimulate also the work together within common areas.

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Technology focussed

We are dedicated to health related technologies, whatever this is within the classical area of health care services, but also food, education, private health techs.Technologies are seen as all those development out of medical device industry, pharmaceutical industry and public health related services

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Including local needs

As local we see all areas on Micro, Macro and Meso levels. Wherever the decision is going to be done. Based on common evidence, the evidence is synthesized according to the decision.

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Strategic planning

Is more an internal issue where we are trying to estimate the future requirement related to Early Awareness services

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Research focussed to specific health market

We give you overview of specific needs and requirements regarding scientific evidence for specific markets, directly in health care systems but also outside on the private usage of health technologies.