The creative common idea is to share knowledge. By this the ideas and license modelss offered and developed by the

"CC’s ambitious goals for the future will enable greater access and equality in education for everyone, accelerate innovation and discovery to cure disease, inspire delightful works of art and culture, and create deeper connections across cultures and communities. Our model is radically open, with community at the center. We believe sharing and collaboration can unlock the full potential for the Web, and more importantly, for all of the individuals who use it." (Ryan Merkley, CEO, Creative Commons)

Having this in mind we use CC models for the internal (members only area) as well as to share with people outside (public area). But as we also respect the ownership of authors and / or organizations we ask every member to let us know how we should handle the document. Therefore we do have also quite some additional restrictions fulfilling the need of keeping information as confidentiial as it is wanted between or by members. Also you can incorporate a schedule when and how the next level of dissemination would be offered (as well as the owner can change this whenever). We offer this option to decrease the workload of maintaining the documents.

License model




closed for members and / or public

  confidential only the document is only allowed for information between members. Publication is not allowed. No change of the content is allowed. No extraction is allowed. No exchange with third parties Conf-only  
  confidential with extraction the content of the document can be used within own documents. No exchange with third parties is allowed Conf-ex  

common creative

out of many options the following options are offered within the selection.
    Link to explanation link to contract details abbr. logo
  Attribution  license description view legal code CC BY
  Attribution-ShareAlike  license description view legal code CC BY-SA
  Attribution-NoDerivs  license description view legal code CC BY-ND
  Attribution-NonCommercial  license description view legal code CC BY-NC
  Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike  license description view legal code CC BY-NC-SA
  Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license description view legal code CC BY-NC-ND

for public use


Public domain

  CC0 If you want to use this, we are in need of a written paper stating out you are the owner. Please contact the secretariat. We are referring to: CC0 CC0


You are asked to connect any document with a selected license model.

If you mark a document for public domain or with CCL for use also with non members we do so according to our web pages when it is relevant and appropriate.

In case you agree to CCL models for members we also asking you to permit to publish the title and some structured elements. You are ask for this permissions explicit. We do this do atract people and organization and to easy up the dissemination. But you don't have to agree and can choose.


Special remarks:

The entry for the EuroScan database offers different kind of license option which can be choosen by the authors/ offering organization.

The aim of EuroScan is to offer the platform and not to avoid the use of any document offered for sharing. Nevertheless the general limitations using the databse is for the use of the member, either within a paper and by this through citation or within any other way of dissemeniation for the need of members. 

In case the entry is used by sharing with non-members/ third parties there is the need to contact the authors / offering organization to get a written permission. EuroScan is expecting that the members are respecting any kind of restriction done by the authors.

If you want to use any document direct out of the database and or other repository owned by EuroScan or by members for the use with non-members and/or third parties you have to request the relevant permission by or through the EuroScan secretariat.


The general license we are offering to members to connect with their documents is not effecting the need and requirements mentioned before. These licenses are describing the use between members only.