Working groups is the way of the network to handle specific tasks and actions. Based on a specific knowledge area members and staff of organizational members are working to improve knowledge and services.

Up to now three working groups had been founded within the association:

- Pharmaceutical working group (Pharma.WG)

- Medical device working group (MedDev.WG)

- Infrastructure projects and journal (HInT.WG)


Working groups are led by a member and a board member. In addition the working groups are also open for non-members based on there specific skills and on invitation. To implement a working group a concept within the interest of the association, a working plan and a list of founding members had to offer to the board. The concept is not directly connected to only one action but should include a broader perspective. the working plan must at least include one defined action and a first rough project plan.

Every working group does have an explicit non-public working area to share information.



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