Due to our legal situation, all texts required by law are published in the German language. Goto -->  Datenschutzerkl√§rung


You can either use Google translator or contact the secretariat to get a descritption according to your requirements.

For a immediate information (legally not cmplete):

- We do use cookies for internal affairs. The information we are storing is used to improve the service of the web site for users

- yo can work with limited features if you deny the acceptance of cookies

- we do store data according to European / German law. But we do not offer these information to third parties in general. The transmission of these information is only done according to the direct needs of the association to handle specific tasks, e.g. tax handling or audits

- we do transmit information to third parties in relation to advertisement. All inofmration vi email and/or the newsletter are sending by EuroScan int.net.


Please be aware that the transmission of information via email is in general not secured and that these information can be read by third parties without our knowledge or the chance to protect the data. Due to this we ask you not to send any confidential information via email. Instead of this we are offering options to contact us via the secured website. Please activate the https access.