Becoming a member

The EuroScan International Network consists of representatives from agencies already undertaking substantial early awareness and alert activities who relate to their regional or national government.

Membership is open to any agency that:

  • is developing, or has, a programme for the early identification and assessment of emerging, new or changing health technologies;
  • has an ongoing, officially recognised role in relation to regional or national government;
  • is a non-profit organisation;
  • is at least 50 per cent funded from public sources;
  • has no link, other than scientific, with commercial companies or R&D centres;
  • is transparent about their founding and financing in their membership application; and
  • commits to support the EuroScan mission.

The by-laws outline conditions of membership and membership rights and responsibilities.

There is an annual membership fee that is currently €3,000. Membership fees are determined annually and the membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st.

Representatives of agencies who are interested in joining the EuroScan collaboration, and are willing to work with us in the development of methods to identify and assess developments and share information on new and emerging health technologies, can apply to join EuroScan. Either email the Secretariat of EuroScan or use the attached application form which is available in PDF Format or Word format and return to the Secretariat.

Any applications for membership will be considered initially by the Executive Committee and then by all EuroScan members at the EuroScan meeting following your application. EuroScan meetings are held 3 times a year generally in Spring, Autumn and at the HTAi Annual Conference.