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Agenas - Agenzia Nazionale per i Servizi sanitari Regionali

Contact: Marina Cerbo

Address: Via Puglie 23, 00187 Rome,
EAA Host Organisation

Agenas, Agenzia nazionale per i servizi sanitari regionali


Our EAAS aims to support, with scientific evidence, the introduction of new and emerging technologies in the health system, providing a permanent system of useful information to decision makers. The objectives are to promote evidence based innovation at different local levels and develop capabilities in evaluation and decision making. The source of funding is 100% public, by government (Ministry of Labour, Healthcare and Social Policy). Our main customers are: institutional decision makers, to support policy linked to new technologies; healthcare professionals, to support clinical practice; researchers, to generate evidence on new and emerging technologies. Main outputs are the production of HS reports and an Italian Model for Horizon scanning.

Main Output Language

Italian and English