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AETSA - Agencia de Evaluación de Technologías Sanitarias de Andalucía

Contact: Aurora Llanos Méndez

Address: Avda. de la Innovación s/n, Edificio RENTA SEVILLA. 2a planta, 41020 Sevilla,
EAA Host Organisation



The Observatory for Emerging Technologies is part of the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Technologies Assessment (AETSA), a non-profit governmental organisation within the Regional Ministry of Health. The Emerging Technologies Observatory’s mission is to pinpoint and monitor the emerging health technologies’ development in the major diagnostic and therapeutic fields; as well as to provide tools that anticipate the impact of emerging technologies with the aim of providing timely, and relevant information to assist decision-making within the Andalusian Public Health System (SSPA). The main customers are the decision-makers in the SSPA. Specific Aims: * Early detection of new technologies or changes in existing ones, that are likely to have a potential impact on SSPA. * Summarising the information available about the technologies detected. * Elaborating recommendations addressed to different decision levels in SSPA. * Promoting the view that the scientific assessment of benefits and risks should precede the introduction of new technologies. * Serving as one of the prioritised criteria to AETSA's assessment reports. Structure and Function: The Observatory works according to a model composed of several phases: I. Detection: Identification of as many emerging technologies as possible within a 1-2 year framework. II. Filtration. Detected technologies are listed every six months, identifying those considered most important. The remainder are collected in a database, awaiting its evolution. III. Selection and prioritising: Detected technologies are selected and prioritised for evaluation according to, burden of disease; potential benefit; economical consequences; ethical, legal and organisational aspects; and possible inclusion in any priority working lines of the organisation. IV. Assessment: Searching databases and information sources to find the evidence that lays the foundations for its possible introduction in SSPA and comparisons with present standards, as well as the possible economical and organisational repercussions on health. The documents found are assessed according to their quality, and summarised. V. Diffusion: These activities will result in different outcomes: - Technical reports or files about the present state of every technology, and implications for SSPA. - Assistance in the form of recommendations for SSPA decision-makers. - Database of the technologies identifies. - Bulletins and publications on net.

Main Output Language

Spanish and English