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AETS - Agencia de Evaluacion de Tecnologias Sanitarias

Contact: Setefilla Luengo (Head of Area)

Address: Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Monforte de Lemos, 5, 28029, Madrid, Spain, 28029.
EAA Host Organisation

AETS. Institute of health Carlos III


The development of SINTESIS - new technologies responds to the mandates regarding AETS functions, Royal Decree 375/2001, and the National Health System’s (SNS) Interterritorial Council plenary session agreement which defined the work to be developed by the Health Technology Assessment Working Group. The objective of SINTESIS - new technologies is to identify new and emerging technologies susceptible of being evaluated in the future, and recover information on these technologies and their possible impacts. The system intends to contribute to better decision making policies by the health personnel in charge, by providing useful and timely information regarding relevant new technologies for the public health system. The final output of the EAAS covers the potential for future impact, safety and efficacy/ clinical effectiveness of the technology. The output takes the form of a short 1-4 page report (technical card).

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Types Of Technologies

Any technology except drugs.

Main Customers

Spanish National Health System

Main Output Language