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Osteba - Basque Office for Health Technology Assessment

Contact: Iñaki Gutiérrez Ibarluzea

Address: Osteba, Department of Health, Basque Government , Donostia-San Sebastian Kalea,1, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba, 1010.
EAA Host Organisation

Osteba, Basque Office for HTA


To inform decisions on partial coverage and setting of monitoring systems, and to inform decisions on disinvestment


SorTek, the early warning system established in 2000 for the Basque Office for HTA (Osteba), uses clinicians in over 20 different specialties and policy makers to identify potentially significant health technologies and to validate resulting early assessment reports. Osteba is 100% publicly funded and it is part of the Basque Government. Its main tasks are to identify, prioritise and evaluate new and emerging technologies that could be introduced in the Basque Health System. Its main customers are the Basque and Spanish Ministries of Health and the Basque Health Service (Osakidetza). The Basque Country’s strategy for dealing with new technologies differs from many regions and countries in that those technologies identified at an early stage where evidence is weak, are subjected to regulated introduction. This usually involves controlled use in a small number of hospitals where the technology is subjected to monitoring and further research. A regulatory law for the introduction of new and emerging non-drug technologies has been in place since November 2004 and has helped to formalize the process. There is evidence of the impact of the system in the diffusion of health technologies when compared with other autonomous regions in Spain. The network has established contacts with other similar organizations within Spain in order to share the methods and information gained. The system is currently interconnected with other system that identifies possibilities for disinvestment of in-practice existing ineffective, non cost-effective or harmful technologies.

Main Source Of Funding

Basque Government and other Public Bodies through research funds 

Types Of Technologies

All type of technologies

Main Customers

Basque Government, Basque Health Service Osakidetza, Spanish Ministry for Health, Social Services and Equity

Main Output Language

Basque, Spanish and English