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CADTH - CADTH (Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health)

Contact: Leigh-Ann Topfer (Officer)

Address: Suite 600, 865 Carling Ave, Ottawa, Canada,

The purpose of CADTH's Horizon Scanning program is to identify and describe the evidence on new or emerging health care technologies that may be important in Canada and describe what their potential impact may be for patient care and for the health care system.

For decision-makers, the program aims to support planning and priority setting by increasing awareness of new and emerging health technologies. It helps them gauge the available evidence and better understand the potential place of these new technologies in health care. 

Horizon scanning products are also intended to assist in the prioritization and allocation of resources, as well as to inform decision-makers of the possible implications of introducing new technologies.

Patients may also use these publications to learn about new and emerging health technologies that may affect them.


CADTH's horizon scanning identifies and monitors new and emerging health technologies likely to have an impact on the delivery of health care in Canada. The publications summarize the available evidence on technologies that are not yet in widespread use here - either not yet licensed for use in Canada, not yet widely available, or not in routine clinical use. Publications describe the intended use of the technology, its regulatory status, the patient population, costs, current practice, adverse effects, and any potential implementation issues.

Main Source Of Funding

CADTH is funded by the federal, provincial and territorial ministries of health.

Types Of Technologies

Any new or emerging health technologies may be considered for review, including: drugs, devices, diagnostic tests or imaging, surgical procedures, or other health interventions.

Main Customers

The primary audience for CADTH's horizon scanning publications are health care decision-makers and providers across Canada. The secondary audience includes other health technology assessment agencies , academic researchers, professional associations, patients and patient groups, as well as the general public, and the media. All of our publications are freely available through the CADTH web site: 

Main Output Language

English and French