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HealthPACT - Health Policy Advisory Committee on Technology

Contact: Brendon Kearney

Address: Queensland Department of Health, Healthcare Improvement Unit , Clinical Excellence Division, Level 2, 15 Butterfield St, Herston, 4029, Brisbane, Queensland,
EAA Host Organisation

Queensland Department of Health


To forewarn policy makers about emerging technologies.


HealthPACT is the national committee that oversees Australia's horizon scanning program, providing advance notice of significant new and emerging technologies to health departments in Australia and New Zealand, exchanging information and evaluating the potential impact of emerging health technologies in their respective health systems. HealthPACT reports to the Hospitals Principal Committee, a principal committee of the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC). HealthPACT comprises of representatives from all Australian State and Territory health departments, the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, including the Medical Services Advisory Committee and the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the Australian Government Department of Veterans Affairs, and the New Zealand Ministry of Health and New Zealand District Health Board. The HealthPACT Secretariat, currently managed by the Queensland Department of Health, is supported by representatives of HealthPACT to undertake horizon scanning, produce briefs and reports on new and emerging health technologies, and to maintain a register of new and emerging health technologies including devices, diagnostic tests and procedures, and other non-pharmaceutical interventions. The literature, web sites and news are scanned for potential new technologies. Identified technologies must satisfy pre-defined criteria or a priority threshold: i) It is associated with obvious safety or ethical issues or controversies ii) It has not been assessed and is rapidly diffusing throughout the Australian health system iii) It is applicable to a large proportion of the Australian population and may have considerable clinical or cost impact, or iv) It is applicable to a small proportion of the population but has obvious and far-reaching benefits. Furthermore, technologies must be deemed to be emerging into the Australian health system within a three year time horizon. Once a technology has been identified and has satisfied the priority threshold, a brief summary is prepared (up tp 10 pages in length) covering safety, effectiveness, costs, burden of disease etc. These summaries are submitted to HealthPACT for decision making.

Main Source Of Funding

Australian Government - Australian Health Ministers Advisory Committee

Types Of Technologies

Non-pharmaceutical technologies: Devices, Diagnostics, Procedures, Programmes

Main Customers

Commonwealth Department of Health, State and Territory Departments of Health and New Zealand's National Health Committee

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