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IHSP - Italian Horizon Scanning Project

Contact: Roberta Joppi

Address: Servizio Farmaceutico Territoriale, Azienda ULSS 20, Via Salvo D'Acquisto, 7, 37122 Verona,
EAA Host Organisation

Pharmaceutical Department of the Local Health Unit in Verona


IHSP aims to collect, organize and evaluate information on emerging medicines and medical devices with medicated coating. IHSP is currently 100% publicly funded, and the main customers are policy makers (e.g. the Italian Ministry of Health and Local Health Authority(s) in the Veneto Region). The main IHSP infrastructures include a Scientific Secretariat and a Database team (one pharmacists, one administrative, one part-time IT person) and a Scientific Committee (IHSP-SC) of 13 nationally and internationally recognized experts in drug evaluation. Clinicians with expertise in different medical and surgical fields are also involved in issuing a critical clinical assessment (New Product Information Report- NPIR) for prioritized drugs.

IHSP is supported by a technological infrastructure for data collection, check, monitoring and analysis. The database is available, by a restricted access ( Currently, 2655 emerging drugs are in the IHSP database.

After drug identification (new chemical entities, new indications, new formulations, new dosages, new associations) lists of drugs for which a Marketing Authorization is expected in the next 36 months are prepared. Prioritization of drugs is performed by the IHSP-SC about 18 months before the possible European Marketing Authorization on the basis of information collected in the “-18 Report”.

A “New Product Information Report” (NPIR), including the critical clinical assessment, is issued for all prioritized drugs about 12 months before the European Marketing Authorization.

Up to September 2015 IHSP has produced the following documents: 445 "- 36 Reports",  225 “-18 Reports” and 69 “NPIR”. 

Main Output Language

Italian and English