EuroScan Newsletter issue 20 is now available

The latest issue of the EuroScan Newsletter is now available with articles on:

  • Accuracy of pharmaceutical company licensing predictions

  • What Canadian decision-makers need from horizon scanning bulletins

  • Cochrane and Euroscan: shared aims?

  • Prioritising for Our 2016 Business Plan: Critical issues — What we have learnt from the 2015 experience.

  • Twitter as a Tool for Management of Knowledge

  • Extra-articular and extra-capsular implant for patients with knee osteoarthritis: the KineSpring®

  • New implantable device for hypertension: results awaited in July 2016

  • Stem cell therapy for autoimmune diseases

  • Horizon Scanning for new and emerging technologies for autism

  • Engage with the Global HTA Community

  • INAHTA’s HTA Impact and Mentorship Programs

Click here to download a copy or visit our Newsletter page to see previous issues.