EuroScan pre-conference workshop on 'Managing Emerging Health Technologies' at HTAi 2016 in Tokyo

Managing emerging health technologies

An introduction to early awareness and alert systems for emerging health technologies


Wednesday 11th May 2016 13.30 – 17.00

Pre-conference Workshop at HTAi 2016 Annual Meeting, Tokyo

 Early awareness and alert (EAA) systems identify, filter and prioritise new and emerging health technologies, to assess or predict their impact on patients, society and/or health systems, and to inform decision makers and planners.

This joint workshop with the EuroScan International Network and the World Heath Organisation (WHO) will introduce participants to the EuroScan toolkit with a focus on countries where HTA is a developing concept.

If you want to find out more about EAA systems and how they can support HTA and health systems in the adoption and managed entry of health innovations, please come to our pre-conference workshop.


Themes that will run through the workshop:

  • What are the benefits of early awareness and alert systems?

  • How can early awareness systems support Universal health coverage?

  • Examples from the adaption of methods into South Korea by NECA


Presentations include:

  • An introduction to EAA systems and methods

  • Questions to ask when considering an early awareness system

  • Different approaches to EAA systems

  • Filtration and prioritisation of technologies


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