Date Added: 21/06/2017

Date Updated: 14/09/2017

Antimicrobial compressed salt for high-touch surfaces

Specialties: Infectious disease, microbiology & GUM

Technology Type: Devices

Stage of development: Nearly established

Stage of EAA: Assessment Complete

Description, patients and keywords:

Outbreaker products (Outbreaker Solutions, Edmonton, AB) are composed of more than 99% compressed sodium chloride — and, as such, are similar to salt licks (blocks of salt manufactured for livestock). Current Outbreaker products include doorknobs, bed rails, toilet handles, and taps. The fixtures have a smooth texture that feels similar to ceramic.The products are intended to reduce transmission of bacteria that gather on these frequently touched surfaces in the patient environment.

Keywords: Outbreaker, salt, sodium chloride, environmental disinfection technologies, health care-acquired infections