Date Added: 20/03/2017

Date Updated: 20/03/2017

DNX-2401 for recurrent glioblastoma – in combination with pembrolizumab

Specialties: Oncology & radiotherapy

Technology Type: Drugs

Stage of development: Experimental - pilot or phase II

Stage of EAA: Prioritised for assessment

Description, patients and keywords:


Glioblastoma or gliosarcoma tumour: recurrent; where gross total resection is not possible or advisable – second line; in combination with pembrolizumab.


DNX-2401 (adenovirus-5 delta 24 RGD; ad-delta24-RGD; Ad-DNX 2401; IE-CRAd; RGD-delta24; VLI-01A) uses a genetically modified adenovirus genome to replicate selectively in retinoblastoma-pathway (Rb) deficient cells. DNX-2401 triggers tumour cell necrosis and intratumoural immune cell infiltration. Replicated copies of DNX-2401, tumour antigens and immune factors are released on cell lysis, stimulating continued tumour response.

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