Date Added: 01/02/2017

Date Updated: 20/09/2017

EPICUP: epigenetic profiling to classify cancer of unknown primary

Specialties: Oncology & radiotherapy

Technology Type: Diagnostics

Stage of development: Nearly established

Stage of EAA: Identified

Description, patients and keywords:

Description of the technology: Epigenetic technique that allows the classification of a group of cancers defined by the presence of metastatic disease with no identified primary tumour at presentation. The Epicub test is based on DNA methylation profiles (microarray DNA methylation signatures); it identifies the specific methylation profile of the tumour, assigning a primary origin to the unknown tumour sample. According to the company, Ferrer Hospital, Epicub has more than 90% coverage of the most frequent solid tumours and offers a very high overall accuracy. The company reports that it can be run in fresh frozen (FF) or formalin fixed and paraffin embedded (FFPE) procedures.

Patient indication: Patients diagnosed with cancer of unknown primary, CUP, (without the detection of the origin of the primary tumour with the usual techniques).



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