Date Added: 11/05/2017

Date Updated: 11/05/2017

Ifunny channel inhibitors: an emerging option for heart failure

Specialties: Cardiovascular disease & vascular surgery

Technology Type: Drugs

Stage of development: Established

Stage of EAA: Assessment Complete

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Ifunny (If), or funny current, channel inhibitors are a class of drugs with heart rate reducing properties (negative chronotropic drugs) and ivabradine is the first representative of this drug class; it was recently tested for the treatment of heart failure (HF).

Based on currently available evidence, it can be interpreted that ivabradine may have a role in the treatment of patients who have a certain form of HF. So for patients with symptomatic HF with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) (EF ≤ 35%); that is, with the lower-left part of their heart not contracting well, with a heart rate of 70 beats per minute (bpm) or higher and for patients who are unable to tolerate optimal beta- blocker dosing. Of note, patients with HFrEF who have a heart rate greater than 77 bpm may be the ones to derive the most benefit from initiating ivabradine therapy.