Date Added: 21/06/2017

Date Updated: 21/06/2017

Self-sampling for HPV and other sexually transmitted infections

Specialties: Health promotion and protection incl. screening - Infectious disease, microbiology & GUM

Technology Type: Diagnostics

Stage of development: Established

Stage of EAA: Assessment Complete

Description, patients and keywords:

Self-sampling for STIs uses small devices ― such as brushes, swabs, or tampons ― to capture cells from the cervix and vagina for analysis.7 The cell samples are analyzed in a lab to detect high-risk strains of HPV and other STIs.7,15 One new self-sampling device is the HerSwab (a brush-type device). The HerSwab is available as a medical device, and is also part of the Eve Kit — a direct-to-consumer mail kit that allows women to self-collect cells for STI testing.

Keywords: Sexually transmitted diseases, HerSwab, Eve Kit, Human papillomavirus, HPV, gonorrhea, chlamydia