Date Added: 09/02/2017

Date Updated: 09/02/2017

Wireless Technology for Left Ventricular Pacing Without Coronary Sinus

Specialties: Cardiovascular disease & vascular surgery

Technology Type: Devices - Procedures

Stage of development: Other

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The WiSE™ (wireless stimulation endocardially) CRT System (EBR Systems Inc. California, USA) was developed for patients with heart failure who are not responding to conventional cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT).

The included studies for the WiSE CRT System include one peer-reviewed article and two conference abstracts, all of which report level IV evidence. The peer-reviewed article reported on the WiSE-CRT study (NCT01294527); in which the system was successfully implanted in 13 of 17 patients. The serious safety issues experienced during the unsuccessful implantation of this device resulted in the early termination of this study. Delivery system modifications were made to address these procedural complications.

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